Evil slaying weapon

Evil slaying weapon

What is needed

Sun metal. A very rare metal found at the tops of mountains in ostbank. It has bathed in sunlight for eons and absorbed propirites of the sun

Sacred wood. Found in the Khud -Al Jungle. Wood that has been blessed by the spirits of the forest

Everburning flame. Pure fire that burns with no source forever.

Vampire blood
Lycanthrope fur
demon horn
devil teeth
zombie flesh
Skelton bone
chromatic dragon scale

Blood of those dedicated to destroying evil.


1 The kiln must fitted with the sacred wood and lit with the everbruning flame.

2 the weapon must be forged out of sun metal in the fires of the kiln

3 after the weapon is forged it must remain in the forge while all of the other ingredients are added

4 The blood of someone dedicated to destroying evil must be added

5 The weapon must be cooled in a vat of holy water that is started on the night of a new moon and removed on a night of a full moon.

6 weapon must be attuned to a user consisting of 24 hours of prayer

Evil slaying weapon

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